Lucas Wroe Melbourne Photographer Videographer


Editorial or commercial content and campaign material. Still images, stop motion, short form animation, plotographs and more. On location or in the studio, with Canon cameras and Profoto lighting.

Lucas Wroe Melbourne Photographer Videographer


Motion video production, videography, lighting, experienced slider and dolly moves, camera operation (Canon, Sony, Red, Arri, GoPro), Atomos and Convergent Design recording, gaffer support, DIT, technical and production assistance.

Lucas Wroe Melbourne Photographer Videographer


Pre-Production organisation of stills and video productions. Post-production services in stills colour grading, retouching, IPTC embed, delivery/distribution and data management. Post-production video transcoding, sound sync, editing, colour grading, motion graphic, multi-format deliver and data management.

Lucas Wroe

Lucas Wroe is one of Australia’s most versatile visual content creators. He is an experienced cinematographer, photographer, editor, colourist, producer, and general production magician. He has a wealth of experience and technical skills, from over decade of photo and video experience, and consistent professional development. Diversity is a hallmark of Lucas’s skills. He is constantly able to adapt to the suit the client’s specific styling. It’s his fastidious eye for details and a constant drive to create high quality, engaging content, that maintains his competitive advantage.

World Class Work

Creating high quality, on-brand visual content to engage, entertain and inform.
Narrative or commercial, telling stories through imagery.

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